Solution Center

Located in Houston is the Computex Solution Center, which houses our own private, elevated Data Center, along with a large on-site integration center, warehouse and procurement center. Each building is climate-controlled to protect your equipment while it’s waiting to be deployed.

Built as a building within a building, our suspended Data Center resides eight feet off the ground to avoid surging floodwaters. It’s also equipped with its own fire-suppression system, bullet-proof glass, blast-proof Kevlar walls, two different fiber rings and generators powered by natural gas to ensure data center operations will remain unaffected during power outages. And because we’re located on the same block as a fire station and a charter school, our building has priority with the power company during any power outages that may occur. 

Designed to function as the main operation center for your company, our Data Center contains open cubicles for clients to work from in the event their offices are unusable, in addition to sleeping accommodations, laundry and shower facilities and personal rooms.

Our Solution Center also houses a 24/7/365 Network Operations Center (NOC) with trained and certified engineers who use advanced monitoring software and proven escalation procedures to ensure the highest standards for security, reliability, performance and systems availability. The NOC helps identify potential network issues and provide resolution before any network problems occur.

Plus, Computex offers temporary workspace for clients who are in a pinch. Recently, when one client’s new building was red-tagged by the city before moving in—and their existing lease couldn’t be extended—we provided cubicles for nearly 100 employees for several weeks while their new space was completed. Because their technology was hosted in our on-site Data Center, it was a perfect solution. That’s the kind of support you can expect from a partner like Computex.