F5 works with a select group of solution providers like Computex Technology Solutions from around the world to deliver the industry’s most respected and effective application delivery networking solutions. These solution providers help thousands of enterprise and service-provider customers every day with everything from simple load balancing to complete edge-to-core application delivery.

About F5

The company name was inspired by the 1996 movie, Twister, in which reference was made to the fastest and most powerful tornado on the Fujita Scale: F5.

F5 Networks began in 1996 as F5 Labs1, when a young computer scientist and a venture capitalist bet on the chance that the Internet was going to change life as we knew it. Still in its infancy and known then as the World Wide Web, the Internet, they believed, would catch fire quickly, and when it did, Web servers would rapidly become overwhelmed, causing traffic to slow to a crawl. Based on that assumption, they developed the company’s first product, the F5 BIG-IP controller, a load balancer that distributed Internet traffic across multiple servers. BIG-IP kept websites up and running when servers failed or were overloaded, accelerated traffic and provided some basic security features. The entrepreneurs’ gamble paid off; the introduction of BIG-IP in 1997 proved to be timely. In the late 1990s, Internet popularity soared and Internet start-up companies, known as dot.coms, became F5’s quintessential customers.

Today F5 helps organizations create an agile infrastructure that aligns with their business demands. With F5 solutions in place, businesses gain strategic points of control wherever information is exchanged in the IT infrastructure.