Microsoft Gold Partner

Gold Certified Partners represent the highest level of competence and expertise within specific Microsoft competencies, are in the top 5% worldwide and have the closest working relationships with Microsoft. Added to this is their access to Microsoft technical support and product teams to help them deliver the solutions your technology challenges demand. A Microsoft competency reflects the expertise and business focus of Computex Technology Solutions in the marketplace; it also enhances their ability to better serve customers like you. Whether it’s by standardizing or advancing your IT infrastructure, or helping you realize more business value from your IT investments, Microsoft competency partners like Computex really can help your business reach its fullest potential.

About Microsoft

Microsoft is a multinational computer technology corporation. The history of Microsoft began on April 4, 1975, when it was founded by Bill Gates and Paul Allen in Albuquerque. Its current best-selling products are the Microsoft Windows operating system and the Microsoft Office suite of productivity software.

Starting in 1980, Microsoft formed an important partnership with IBM that allowed them to bundle Microsoft’s operating system with computers that they sold, paying Microsoft a royalty for every sale. In 1985, IBM requested that Microsoft write a new operating system for their computers called OS/2; Microsoft wrote the operating system, but also continued to sell their own alternative, which proved to be in direct competition with OS/2. Microsoft Windows eventually overshadowed OS/2 in terms of sales. When Microsoft launched several versions of Microsoft Windows in the 1990s, they had captured over 90% market share of the world’s personal computers.