Computex Technology Solutions Provides a Reliable Data Center Environment for Tiller Corporation

Tiller Corporation, headquartered in Maple Grove, MN, is a holding company dedi¬cated to providing high quality aggregates and hot mix asphalt to the construction industries. With their commitment to the community, environment and their custom¬ers, Tiller understood that updating their datacenter was a must in order to keep up with today’s ever-growing technology challenges.

Tiller needed to formulate a plan to assess current risk and implement an enterprise level backup/disaster solution. They were encountering a number of problems includ¬ing an unstable virtual environment, an unreliable disaster recovery solution and a dated server operating system environment.

“We needed a system that would have a reliable backup recovery plan and a stable virtual environment, we were lacking in both of those areas,” explained Gene Schaff, Director of Information Technology at Tiller Corporation.

A large portion of this problem stemmed from a com¬plex program that was difficult to manage and a stor¬age solution that was not compatible with their virtual environment which resulted in their SAN using expensive disk storage unnecessarily. That’s when Tiller turned to Computex Technology Solutions, for a plan that would be cost-effective and dependable.

A Reliable Design

Selecting a backup recovery plan that Tiller could rely on, Computex transitioned them into using a CommVault solution with a DR plan that includes three different locations.

“Our CommVault solution has been the best upgrade we have ever had for a backup solution. It is reliable, secure, and we know we have an improved offsite DR plan,” said Gene.

In order to transform Tiller’s datacenter into a stable virtual environment, Computex went with an entirely new one using VMware. By using one of their mobile vPods, Com¬putex was able to put local VMware on disks. Once that was finished they transitioned all of Tiller’s needed information on to those disks, and copied it all back in order to ensure a secure datacenter.
“Computex gave great advice that enhanced our whole datacenter,” explained Gene. “If they wouldn’t have come up with this plan, I don’t know what we would have done. It would have cost us in the long run.”

Looking Ahead

When evaluating the plan implemented by Computex, Gene explained, “Computex delivered 100% on their promise of bringing a solution that would integrate seamlessly into our organization. They are the first vendor that we have used that details every single process and is supportive when we have issues, concerns or questions.”

“Our Company has many demands and we use many different technology solutions. Computex has the proficiency to deliver what they offer with reasonable service costs.”

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