Computex Saves Local Healthcare Provider Time, Money and Real Estate

Whether it’s an IT emergency, well visit or consultation, Computex Technology Solu¬tions is the IT partner healthcare providers want on speed dial. With more than 25 years of experience and a reputation for delivering exceptional customer care, Computex helps its clients simplify and use IT to their advantage.

The solution provider was called upon by a local healthcare organization to deliver a complete IT assessment that would ultimately result in an IT refresh and new virtual¬ized desktop infrastructure (VDI) solution.

Making the Business Case

When Computex first came in, the client had about 700 users implementing ‘fat clients’ throughout the organization. It was an inefficient and bulky set-up, but the bigger problem was the technol¬ogy they had in play just couldn’t keep pace with the needs of the business and its clients.

To properly diagnose and remedy the situation, Com¬putex conducted a network assessment and proposed a complete, hands-on evaluation of different VDI solu¬tions including VMware. Each space-saving, high-per¬formance solution was purpose-built to help simplify and standardize infrastructure and introduce greater ef¬ficiency into the organization’s service model. The first solution featured HP Servers and an EMC storage area network (SAN) running VMware and VMware’s Horizon Desktop, while the second solution focused on HP Servers and an EMC SAN running VMware and Citrix’s XenDesktop.

Putting VDI to the Test

Computex leveraged its longstanding rela¬tionship with global IT distributor Ingram Micro, as well as one of its preferred vendors HP, which has designated Computex as one of its HP Healthcare Elite Partners, to bring these solutions to life. For nearly three months, the healthcare organization’s personnel test-drove the two different solutions to determine which best suited their needs. When all was said and done, the client selected the VDI solution featuring VMware’s technology.

The user experience and management capabilities available within the VMware VDI solution were a perfect fit for the client’s infrastructure – giving them the flexibility and performance Computex was looking for at a price they could afford. Other elements that weighed into the purchasing decision included the fact that the VDI solution was easy-to-manage and maintain, and could quickly scale to meet the business needs and growth of the business.

VDI Reduces Costs and Maximizes Efficiencies

VMware Premier Partner, Computex deployed the new VDI solution and refreshed the healthcare organization’s supporting IT infrastructure which now includes approximately 50 kiosk solutions that are locked down, take up a much smaller footprint and cost one-fifth of what a traditional PC would.

“VDI solutions aren’t for everyone, but when they are right for the business – the decision is easy and the return on investment undeniable,” says Mark Drexler, Senior Account Executive at Computex.

Computex notes that VDI solutions offer clients more flexibility and greater perfor¬mance, as well as help reduce both operating costs and capital expenditures up to 50% on average.

“We’re in business to help our clients work more efficiently and find new ways to deliver exceptional service to their clients,” concludes Paula Winkler, President of Computex.

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