XRS Corp. Takes Trucking Industry Mobile with Support from Computex

More than 1,400 customers and 110,000 truck drivers depend on XRS Corp. and its Road Science innovations. So when XRS needed to find a reliable business partner to help keep its breakthrough technology operating at optimal performance 24/7, the mobile trucking intelligence company turned to Computex Technology Solutions. A national IT solutions provider with a local presence throughout the U.S., Computex has been solving business needs for its customers for more than two decades by designing, implementing and managing complex data center solutions.

Downtime Isn’t an Option

Until recently, XRS ran its mobile platform through its own infrastructure. But as a new flagship product was released as part of the Road Science offerings, XRS realized it needed a stronger focus on its core business. The resources behind that focus included its IT staff, which was responsible for providing the coverage to not only sustain but also scale the existing IT environment.

With a massive regulatory storm hitting the trucking industry, XRS is dedicated to ensuring its clients receive the highest levels of availability, recognizing that their businesses could come to a screeching halt should any interruptions occur across XRS’ services. Indeed, customers have come to rely on the compliance, performance and customer service data that XRS provides, which also means that system downtime needs to be avoided at all costs. Keeping to its service level agreements (SLAs) is therefore key for this mobile technology innovator, and sustaining an optimal user experience is a must.

XRS Reaches a Crossroad, Teams with Computex

XRS faced an important IT decision: they could either continue to invest in increasingly costly tools and technologies as well as in the staff required to support their SLAs as well as skyrocketing growth, or they could place their trust in an outside IT partner to gain the power of a world-class network operations center (NOC).

With pressure mounting, the IT team decided to meet with prospective solution providers and managed service providers (MSPs) to assess their external IT resource options. Soon, the company opted to team with Computex on the basis of its consultative approach to IT services.

“Computex came in willing to build what XRS wanted and needed,” says Jesse Chappell, director of XRS Corporation. “Also, unlike other potential solution providers, Computex showed no interest in taking a cookie-cutter approach to our IT challenges.”

XRS Readies for Explosive Growth and Success

With a government mandate on the horizon, up to 3.1 million trucks will soon be required to purchase an electronic logging device in the next three years. XRS, as a leader in this space with its mobile solution, is poised to capitalize on this need, and with Computex behind it, the company’s IT landscape is now well positioned to support it, says Chappell. “Computex has allowed me to focus on doing what I do best – run the organization and our expansive IT infrastructure. By outsourcing our network monitoring to them, I can operate at a higher level and play less of a tactical role. They’ve done a fantastic job for us,” he says.

What’s more, Chappell has been able to reduce staffing and equipment costs – with savings amounting to thousands of dollars annually. He’s also reallocated two full-time engineers to other projects. Now, his team can concentrate on line of business needs as well as on proactively managing day-to-day IT demands. By turning over NOC administration to Computex, they have the freedom to dive deeper into their IT responsibilities and accomplish things they never had time to address before, says Chappell. “Having the right partner who takes the time to understand our business makes all the difference. Our work with Computex is a prime example of a business partnership that works,” he says. “Their leadership said ‘we’re in and we’ll do what it takes to get it right.’ The commitment from both sides of the table is what has made this work so well.”

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