Safeguarding your most critical business assets—your data—is priority one. That’s why Computex Technology Solutions offers hosted co-location services that provide the bandwidth, power, security and support your business needs. Protect your hardware investments and mission-critical data by housing your existing servers, hardware and data at our world-class data center.

Monitored around the clock by our Network Operations Center (NOC), our private facility offers state-of-the-art redundant systems, guaranteed power, temperature/humidity control and security in a fireproof environment. There’s no better home for your servers than our co-location data center. Rest assured, your data—and your reputation—is secure with Computex.

Solution Benefits:

  • Place your servers in our data center and share our bandwidth as your own
  • Free up your work space and save money
  • Eliminate the expense associated with owning and maintaining your own network
  • Access redundant routing architecture for hardware failover
  • Save on technology management costs
  • Avoid capital expenditures
  • Reduce the burden on IT staff
  • Focus on strategic business instead of rack space and infrastructure