Hosted/Virtual servers are an easy and cost-effective way to significantly reduce costs and better manage your servers. Not only can virtual servers reduce the number of servers you need to purchase, they can also reduce power, cooling and expansion requirements thereby freeing up office space. This strategy also enables easy cloud integration for cloud-based services, virtual desktops and virtual cloud recovery.

At Computex Technology Solutions, our extensive server management solution provides unlimited real-time, anytime access to our experts for the remote handling of technical issues as well as alert monitoring, optimization and security, including virus, spyware, malware and spam protection. We also offer on-site services during and outside of regular business hours and planned after-hours support. Quite simply, server management from Computex offers stability in an otherwise unstable environment.

Solution Benefits:

  • Enhanced privacy and security from your own dedicated partition of a larger server (or your own dedicated server)
  • Private resources needed to power larger websites with higher traffic demands
  • Simple, rapid and reliable disaster recovery
  • Lower total cost of server ownership
  • Higher server utilization
  • Increased operational efficiency and responsiveness to business units
  • Less maintenance—with Computex-managed physical hardware network monitoring, licensing and platform security