Backup Solution

Managing and monitoring a backup system in-house can be costly and time consuming. That’s why more and more businesses are opting for a managed backup solution that outsources this responsibility to a company with data-backup expertise.

At Computex Technology Solutions, we offer three primary solutions for enterprises seeking more efficiency and success with backup and recovery.

First, we can design and implement of a mix of private backup solutions from industry leaders like Commvault, EMC and Symantec, which we can manage remotely to ensure your success. Second, we offer our own fully managed backup-as-a-service, founded on unbeatable support, reliability and cutting-edge technology. And for our most discerning clients, we also offer on-premise, managed private backup that offers full-lifecycle, on-site delivery of enterprise backup solutions.

Our backup experts can help you determine the right strategy for you.

Solution Benefits:

  • Provides secure, end-to-end storage for all your critical data
  • Prevents data loss, corruption and disclosure of sensitive information from unauthorized access, server crash, human error or natural disaster
  • Backs up and recovers critical data in individual databases, mailboxes and cluster nodes
  • Offers seamless business continuity
  • Provides better allocation of in-house resources
  • Reduces capital spending
  • Requires less administration time dealing with backup system management