Disaster Recovery

With the rise in natural disasters and weather-related catastrophes, the need for a disaster recovery (DR) solution to back up and recover your business-critical data has never been greater. This is why Data Center DR solutions from Computex are not only designed to support and manage entire IT systems in the event of an emergency, but also designed to survive disasters.

Built as a building within a building, our suspended Data Center in Houston resides eight feet off the ground to avoid surging floodwaters. It’s also equipped with blast-proof glass, two different fiber rings and generators powered by natural gas. And in contrast to disaster sites that depend on diesel fuel, natural gas has never been interrupted in the city of Houston; this further ensures that your company data can always be accessed securely.

Designed to function as the main operation center for your company, Computex’s Data Center contains open cubicles for clients to work from in the event their offices are unusable after a storm, in addition to sleeping accommodations, laundry and shower facilities and personal rooms. Our advanced standards provide companies with world-class disaster recovery facilities and accommodations that allow our clients to rest well at night knowing their data and business’ future is safe and secure.

Computex Offers:

  • On-site or remote technical disaster recovery assessments
  • Regimented network health testing to diagnose potential problems that may affect recovery
  • Dedicated staging areas that enable you to preconfigure, test and QA equipment before shipping to deployment locations