Today it can be more important than ever to connect with clients, coworkers and associates in timely, responsive way. Telepresence and HD video conferencing solutions give you the ability to enjoy lifelike, face-to-face conversations through your desktop or mobile devices. Telepresence can increase productivity, enhance clarity and help form better relationships thereby reducing the costs associated with travel.

Computex can help you access the features of market-leading Cisco solutions that deliver a natural telepresence experience, transparent collaboration, instant messaging, single-number reach, unified messaging and on-demand WebEx conferencing.

We can also remotely manage your video conferencing infrastructure for you. Computex can perform remote monitoring, security updates, software upgrades and any hardware repairs on your behalf, freeing your IT team to concentrate on more strategic projects. We’ll make sure your infrastructure works as it should to ensure high-quality collaboration for your entire organization.

Solution Benefits:

  • Conduct face-to-face discussions between distributed personnel.
  • Reduce travel and expenses.
  • Enhance collaboration between colleagues, partners and customers.
  • Enjoy on-demand conferencing that’s as simple as one click and one call.
  • Support a broad range of standards-based video endpoints.
  • Use firewall-friendly desktop video to extend your video environment to any networked PC.