Virus Protection

With email as the primary mode of business communication, the need for virus protection and spam filtering is growing exponentially. No longer just a time-consuming annoyance taking up valuable network bandwidth and storage space, spam has become the main vehicle for distributing dangerous viruses threatening the security and productivity of your IT assets. Our managed virus protection service provides not only daily prevention and removal of dangerous viruses but also filters out up to 98% of unwanted email traffic.

Solution Benefits:

  • Combats the increasing burden of junk email.
  • Cleans and blocks mail before it reaches your network.
  • Reduces the risk of downtime caused by a critical communications tool.
  • Protects against email-borne viruses.
  • Improves security and productivity.
  • Provides tremendous scalability.
  • Offers rapid deployment.
  • Integration is seamless with virtually any messaging infrastructure.