Because VPNs provide cost-effective, secure remote access to a corporate network, these solutions are ideal for organizations seeking to contain costs, improve security and gain greater access and availability for their remote users, telecommuters and mobile workers.

Yet while most organizations recognize the value of VPNs, the base infrastructure can be costly to build out and manage. That’s why an increasing number are turning to service providers like Computex Technology Solutions who can supply not only the VPN network infrastructure, but also the ongoing management and a full range of VPN-enabled value-add services. By partnering with the experts at Computex, you can capture the winning benefits of a VPN without taking on another IT management responsibility. You can stay focused on your core competencies and leave the VPN management to us. 

Solution Benefits:

  • Enables organizations to focus on core competencies, rather than mundane network operations.
  • Eliminates the cost and hassle of designing, deploying and maintaining private WANs.
  • Scales easily to as many sites and users needed in response to business growth.
  • Enables SMBs to subscribe to a VPN network sized to their requirements.
  • Enables enterprises to expand capacity without incurring capital expenditures.