As today’s organizations continue adopting more bandwidth-heavy applications (like video or virtual desktops) across increasingly larger areas, they’re challenged by two things—increased bandwidth consumption and communications latency. Very quickly, WAN optimization becomes key.

Wide Area Application Services (WAAS) can help by consolidating costly branch-office servers and storage within data centers and deploying new applications centrally—all while offering near-LAN performance for remote users.

At Computex, we can save your IT team time and money by remotely managing your Cisco-based WAAS platform for you. The result will be better allocation of in-house IT resources and less administration time dealing with WAN optimization issues. 

Solution Benefits:

  • Improves employee productivity by enhancing the user experience for important business applications.
  • Reduces the cost of branch-office operations by centralizing IT resources within the data center and reducing the cost of WAN bandwidth.
  • Increases IT agility by reducing the time and resources required to deliver new IT services to the branch location.
  • Simplifies data protection and business continuity for regulatory compliance.