Cloud Computing

At Computex Technology Solutions, cloud computing is more than a clever buzzword. It’s an innovative strategy that gives you flexibility and control, while also enabling you to save serious IT infrastructure costs.

Backed by more than two decades of experience in connectivity, advanced computing, hosting and Web technologies, Computex can create cloud computing solutions that support an array of business models and address a wide variety of IT challenges. Our highly skilled experts can work with you to create a virtualized environment that delivers data from the cloud to users on the Web for unsurpassed efficiency, reliability and speed.

Solution Benefits:

  • Greater scalability to grow with business needs
  • Complete disaster recovery
  • Impressive uptime performance
  • No hardware/software installations, resulting in greater simplicity and fewer capital expenditures
  • Easy integration with existing applications, hardware and software
  • Faster, lower-risk deployments
  • Time savings and greater optimization of IT staff resources
  • Automatic upgrades that don’t impact IT resources
  • Convenient data storage

Our solution offering includes:

  • Hosted Data Center
  • Hosted Hypervisor
  • Hosted Server
  • Hosted VDI