Companies in today’s competitive marketplace thrive on the ability to communicate in real time. With the new wave of social collaboration technology solutions hitting the marketplace, businesses now have access to integrated solutions that work together to make communication easier and more secure.

With a Cisco Gold Certification, Computex Technology Solutions has access to solutions that other resellers can’t offer. And because we use everything we sell, we know the best uses for each solution and how it works in a real environment. By reducing the number of separate solutions originally needed for communication, companies can enjoy a more productive and integrated working experience resulting in overall social collaboration.

With collaboration, your business can:

  • Empower people to work their way— when, where and how they want
  • Help people innovate to develop ideas and solve challenges
  • Elevate and personalize communications to improve decision-making
  • Save time and simplify workflows
  • Increase workforce interaction and productivity