Enterprise Storage and Backup

In today’s market, changing economic strategies can often lead to changing business strategies and keeping your infrastructure flexible can be challenging. That’s why Computex Technology Solutions offers a variety of storage solutions that work best to keep your systems up-to-date and scalable. Gain control of your infrastructure needs while reducing overhead, energy and personnel costs.

Computex partners with IBM to deliver a variety of storage options, including disk, flash, tape and virtual storage systems, as well as backup and recovery, business continuity, cloud storage and real-time compression technology.

We also partner with EMC, Oracle and VMware to deliver smart storage options for Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI), virtualization and Microsoft applications, including Exchange, SQL Server and SharePoint.

We can enable your business to do more with less, regardless of your size. And we believe all businesses can enjoy the benefits of intelligent storage solutions, including:

  • Maximum storage options
  • Better performance
  • More capacity
  • Faster recovery
  • Data protection
  • Metrics and reporting