Private Cloud

A rising number of organizations have data that’s too valuable and sensitive for outsourced (public) clouds. They want to capitalize on the latest virtualization and management innovations to improve performance and efficiency—yet also need the very highest levels of security.

Computex Technology Solutions has the technical expertise to make it happen. We can design and implement proprietary private clouds built on virtualization and converged infrastructure, as well as secure access and global application distribution. Armed with a private cloud, your corporate network and data center administrators can maximize the effectiveness of shared recourses, while meeting the needs of your internal “customers.”

Solution Benefits:

  • Improve performance and efficiency
  • Streamline your infrastructure
  • Automate repetitive tasks to reduce errors and increase speed
  • Drive resiliency with predefined processes to handle unexpected spikes in demand
  • Pool resources and load-balance across your entire infrastructure
  • Provision and deploy applications faster