Virtualization and Converged Infrastructure

Server virtualization delivers a wide range of benefits. It cuts hardware and energy costs, frees up valuable resources, decreases server downtime, improves server reliability and increases server flexibility. By using cloud-based technology, you can operate multiple systems and server environments on a single piece of hardware, enabling you to achieve levels of performance, scalability and access that simply are not possible with a physical infrastructure.

And by converging infrastructures into more efficient, software-based systems, you can reduce hardware expenses and overall operational costs, thus relieving budget strains. Best yet, Computex can help you implement, maintain and manage your virtual environment to ensure optimal performance. Our professional team of IT experts can assess your IT environment to determine if you’re a good candidate for consolidation and virtualization, showing you exactly how much money you could save.

 Our services include:

  • Planning and design of your virtual infrastructure
  • On-site server utilization assessments
  • Physical-to-virtual migration planning and implementation
  • Backup, replication and management
  • Desktop and application virtualization
  • Server consolidation
  • Customized solutions for hardened facilities and manufacturing sites