Data Center security

Cybersecurity Panel at SOC Unveiling

We had the pleasure of speaking with the CISO of Texas Children's (Teresa Tonthat) , CISO of Comfort Systems (John-Gardner Pewthers), and the CIO of Highlands Residential (Joshua Hebert) at a cybersecurity panel hosted by Computex's EVP, Faisal Bhutto (Faisal Bhutto).


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Data privacy and security abstract

Managing data privacy in the enterprise

The growing use of analytics and big data has created large data privacy concerns. Everyone, especially the federal government, has taken notice of the events known as Big Data. Back in 2012, nine companies in the data broker industry were the first to be issued orders from the Federal Trade Commission.
Security policies

The essential enterprise-level security policies your organization should have

A business enterprise must enact advanced security policies to minimize the risk of cyberthreats and data breaches.
Data Center security

Guide to a modern and secure data center

Data centers are the physical locations where data is stored. Your company may have a data center of its own, but it is more likely that you use at least some cloud storage products, which are served by data centers all over the globe.